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Scirocco Wheel Repair

A customer bought along a badly damaged Scirocco wheel to see if it could be repaired without the expense of using a CNC lathe.

The customer had been advised previously this was not possible. However, our repair technician was able to undertake a cosmetic repair otherwise known as a SMART repair.

The wheel was very badly damaged, the first stage was to remove the tyre and any grease and silicon to prepare the wheel for repair.

The damage and layers of lacquer was then removed using an abrasive sanding media working through the grades and finishing with a very fine 2000 grit.

Lacquer was applied to the polished surface and cured resulting in a high quality finish.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We begin by fully cleaning the wheel to remove all traces of grime and dirt. This will reveal the full extent of the damage and scratches to be repaired. A clean wheel shows the damage in full.

The alloy wheel is then dried and is now ready to be repaired.

Next the tyre is deflated and the bead sealing the tyre to the wheel is broken giving better access to the rim.

The tyre is masked or removed to prevent overspray settling on the tyre.

Then we lightly sand the damaged area before applying fillers to the scratches and scuffs. Once cured, this is sanded again ready for primer and paint application.

The technician will colour match the alloy wheel with the correct paint, which is sprayed over the damaged area and blended into the original wheel colour.

This in turn is then lacquered to a high gloss finish, cured and polished.

It’s not possible to give a cost for each alloy wheel repair as it varies according to the extent of the damage.

All our work is carried out to an excellent standard which ensures a truly professional finish, ensuring that your vehicle remains looking great whilst maintaining its residual value.